Through the Eyes of Auguste Rodin

Meet the Michelangelo of the early 20th century

In this powerful performance, audiences have the opportunity to look through the unflinching eyes of Rodin—at his life, times, and intentions for work. You will see him expressing the importance of mind over matter, as he chose to express the evolution of human consciousness, from the dawn of time to the summit of genius.

Using slides, monologue, theatrics, demonstrations, and re-enactments, I show audiences how Rodin taught us how “The Human Body is above all the mirror of the soul”.

Called the Father of Modern Sculpture, Rodin was determined to match the greatness of Raphael and Michelangelo. This all occurred while he was a mere 20 years old, being forced by his family’s poverty to work for other sculptors, repeatedly rejected by critics and even customers for his work’s power and honesty.

By his example, Rodin successfully taught us that an isolated individual who is fiercely independent with strong work ethics can weather any type of violent public ridicule and criticism. In the end, Rodin triumphed as a celebrated sculptor, revered by giants in society, far more educated than himself.

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I strive to show audiences that through his sculpture, Rodin was able to re-define beauty as vitality, action, and powerful character. Rodin’s work demonstrates the expressiveness of the pose, rather than merely the outward beauty of the body, and re-defines ugliness as that which is characterless, false or artificial.

Rodin teaches us to never allow ourselves to be discouraged and to relish work as the key to happiness and a meaningful life. In addition, the brilliant artist urges us to be fiercely and profoundly truthful.

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