About Strokes of Genius

Accurately Depicting the World’s Greatest Artists

I am in the inspiration business, and genuinely passionate about what I do. It is my goal to connect audiences with artistic geniuses of the past, ideally encouraging the people who see my performances to adopt the empowering traits of these talented men.

Meet Scott Shepherd

My name is Scott Shepherd, and I am an extensively experienced and highly-acclaimed art and drama teacher of students aged six through adult. As the founder and actor-director of both Opus Mime Ensemble and Strokes of Genius, I have put on thousands of performances portraying a number of historical prodigies.

Since 1976, I have achieved a number of accomplishments and have become known as a:

  • Golden Apple finalist
  • Fulbright scholar
  • Professional sculptor
  • Professional mime

Experience Learning in a Creative & Insightful Way

Regardless of which artist reenactment you wish to book, you can trust that you will witness the art of learning in a manner that is fun, innovative, and humorous. I want individuals to feel inspired to pursue their passions the way that our world's artistic prodigies did, and I wish to instill the motivation in audience members to do so.

For more information about my performances, feel free to browse through the rest of the site or contact me today!

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