Through the Eyes of Vincent Van Gogh

Meet the quintessential misunderstood artist

Whether spinning around in his studio or creating a Mistral Wind-tossed landscape, I strive to take on an embodiment of Vincent that draws the audience into Van Gogh’s earnest desire to speak through his paintings. I want audiences to see the artist’s feverish creativity and his unbridled joy in his love of many things, through the use of slides, monologue, theatrics, demonstrations, and audience-participatory reenactments.

As an evangelist-painter who saw his duty to comfort with art, the common person’s neediness, Vincent was a determined, prolific art student, charged with purpose and desire, increasingly aware of the power of art. Very lonely, he had a persistent dream of found an artist colony far from city life.

See into the heart of such a nobody

In this moving performance, you will meet Vincent, the evangelist-turned-painter, and get to know his life, his times, and his intentions for his work. You will see why he chose to express the struggle of life and sought to comfort people through his paintings. Vincent voices the battle cry for the next century of artists: “ Exaggerate the essential and leave the obvious vague.”

Vincent knowingly gave his life to painting, only to have to paint in order to save his life. Translating all that he saw into colors, he created 879 turbulent symphonies of light. Into his extremely short, 10-year career of feverish productivity, Vincent compacted a lifetime of painting, broke new artistic ground, and set the stage for all the modern art movements that followed.

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