Through the Eyes of Michelangelo

You have seen the works of his hands – NOW MEET THE MAN

Roaming high-atop his ceiling-high scaffolding, the earth-shaking super-star of the Renaissance, Michelangelo entertains his visitors in the Sistine Chapel with stories of his life and times. At Strokes of Genius, I paint this scene by projecting vivid slides, demonstrating his innovative techniques, and re-enacting some of his most famous works of art, including the Roman Pieta, God Giving Life to Adam, and the Last Judgment.

A victim of his own success, Michelangelo suffered from the demands of popularity experienced by celebrities today. Hounded not by a posse of photographers, he was taunted by popes and rulers who were constantly forcing him into new projects, leaving earlier contracts unfulfilled and artistic visions unrealized. The feisty poet extols the virtues of “the athletics of aesthetics”: art of awesome power and immense vitality.

During my Michelangelo performances, the viewer is:

- Contagiously coerced into viscerally reacting to the human emotions portrayed

- Human physique is animated by universal truths more than mere religious doctrine

- People are inspired to an all-out, do or die charge at life

- Challenges to his artistic abilities or purposes are met with unsurpassed ferocity and mastery

His contemporaries called it “Terribilita” and called him “the Divine Michelangelo”. This spiritually-minded sculptor, painter, poet, and architect gave voice not only to matters of the soul, but also to the Florentine identification with ancient Athens and the ideals of Plato.

Experience the Great Imagination, Determination & Integrity of Michelangelo

Through his art, Michelangelo reveals his real personality—not the dark prince of angst, but an intense man powerfully inspired by spiritual beliefs. Just like his “David”, Michelangelo was a maverick with the forcefulness of an athlete, a mysterious celebrity of his time, an artistic titan of awesome power, and immense vitality. Rather than merely warming our hearts, Michelangelo compels us to work to understand his vision of a cohesive world view.

By viewing my portrayal of Michelangelo, I invite audiences to discover how he thwarted those who attempted to force failure upon him, by meeting every challenge and surpassing all expectations. By rubbing shoulders with a person of such inventiveness, humanity and intensity, audiences will be motivated to cultivate character traits of genius — keen awareness, powerful imagination, self-determination, and integrity.

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