Through the Eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci

Meet the Renaissance artist who foresaw the future

Whether dangling from his block and tackle or staging his Last Supper painting, Leonardo draws his audience into his fertile imagination, wit, and vision. By using slides, monologue and theatrics, demonstrations, and audience-participatory re-enactments, I put on performances that depict just how ahead of his time Da Vinci was.

In this spell-binding performance, Leonardo unfolds his life, his times, and his mindset. Both scientist and artist, Leonardo’s intense curiosity and his dogged pursuit of knowledge enabled him to create art with the discipline, tools, and skills of a mathematical scientist. In doing so, Da Vinci created hypothesis-driven science using his skill of observation combined with his primary tool – the metaphor. Highly inter-disciplinary, relevant to diverse curricular areas in melding the sciences and the arts, this production culturally depicts the Italian Renaissance.

My Leonardo Da Vinci portrayal is designed to:

  • Motivate audiences to hone scientific perceptions
  • Savor the interaction of the arts and sciences
  • Pursue science and art with curiosity & scholarly integrity
  • Cultivate the character traits of a genius

Once my Da Vinci performance is complete, I hope that in having rubbed shoulders with a person of such inventiveness, self-determination, and keen awareness, the audience will be inspired to pursue such traits within themselves.

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