Through the Eyes of Claude Monet

Meet the daring pioneer of Impressionism

Whether he was speaking high atop his Japanese bridge, walking amidst his paintings of water lilies, or reliving the challenges he faced by obstinately adhering to his own vision, Monet teaches us how to let our fascination and love for life prosper. In doing so, we can see our goals overwhelm the obstacles that authority or conventional thinking would otherwise put in our way. Using slides, monologue, theatrical demonstrations, and audience participatory re-enactments, this is a rare opportunity to experience my unique and engaging interpretation of one of the world’s greatest painters.

The son of a grocer who against all familial opposition chose to be an innovative artist, Monet was convinced by his mentor that painting directly from nature was the best approach to art, and broke with the rules of the artistic establishment. Strongly determined to educate the public to this new way of seeing, he led the impressionist painters to mount exhibit after exhibit in the face of public ridicule. This continued until the academic tyrants and press were by-passed by the impressionists’ popularity.

Let Your Love for Life Prosper

Championed by the less sophisticated Americans, Monet eventually set new records for sale prices and lived an affluent, self-designed lifestyle. Always the innovator, he refused to settle down into a predictable style and artistically broke new ground, even in his old age. When finally recognized by the established authorities—true to his rebel colors—Monet refused to accept great honors bestowed upon him by his former critics.

I designed this production to invigorate audiences into looking at the world with fresh eyes while setting their own course in life, according to no one’s beliefs but their own.

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