Strokes of Genius Pricing

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Through the Eyes of Renoir, Rodin, or Van Gogh:

  • $600 for one
  • $900 for two
  • Through the Eyes of Da Vinci, Monet, or Michelangelo:

  • $700 for one
  • $1000 for two
  • *For classroom visits and shows without the stage I offer a $200 discount off prices above.

    Travel Fees:

  • NONE, if performance space is within a 60 minute out-bound driving distance from Glenview, Illinois
  • $100 for each additional out-bound hour of driving after first hour or $25 for each quarter hour of driving after first hour
  • If air travel is more cost effective, air fare and transportation to and from airports must be provided by sponsor, plus cost of shipping of needed props, cost of re-construction of scenery, or props too large to be shipped or taken in plane
  • Overnight accommodations and food must be provided by sponsor if travel & performance can't be accomplished in one day
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