The Strokes of Genius Resumé

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1992-1993: The origin of Strokes of Genius with “Through the Eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci”

14 schools booked performances

1993-1994: Introduction of “Through the Eyes of Vincent Van Gogh”

28 schools booked performances

1994-1995: 19 elementary schools booked performances

27 junior high or older schools booked performances

1995-1996: Introduction of “Through the Eyes of Claude Monet”

82 schools booked performances

1996-1997: Introduction of “Through the Eyes of Degas”

92 schools booked performances

1997-Present: Introduction of “Through the Eyes of Rodin”, “Through the Eyes of Renoir”, and “Through the Eyes of Michelangelo”

Averaged 175 performances in 105 different schools across the country from Seattle, Spokane, and Boise to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, up-state Idaho, and Alaska

2003, 2004 & 2006: Presenter at National Art Education Association Conventions

Performances that have occurred between 2006 to the present day:

- Key-note speaker as Da Vinci & Monet at conventions in Michigan, Anchorage, Phoenix, Sun Valley & Charlotte

- Public performances at New Trier West High School

- Numerous commercial conventions

- Leonardo da Vinci improvisational performer at the Museum of Science & Industry

- Meier’s Gardens unveiling of The Great Horse

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